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Search Engine Optimization Packages

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Having a website is worthless if people don't visit. Our search engine packages are designed to optimize your site pages and successfully index them with the major search engines. This means that whether you are looking to submit your site for the first time or simply want to maintain your listing with the search engines, we have a package for you.

Smart Traffic Package Details

1000 search engines
We submit your URL(s) successfully to a minimum of 1000 search engines and directories. Our database includes all major engines and is updated weekly to insure the latest and most popular sites.

Smart Indexing
Our next step is to insure solid indexing in all major search engines and directories. With this goal in mind, your URL(s) is/are submitted every two weeks to a minimum of 200 top search engines for a period of 6 months!

Package Price: $299.00 CDN

Traffic Plus Package Details

1000 search engines
We submit your URL(s) successfully to a minimum of 1000 search engines and directories. Our database includes all major engines and is updated weekly to insure the latest and most popular sites.

Index Express
Your web page(s) is/are submitted to the Inktomi database (one year paid inclusion program). Your website is spidered within 7-days for search engines like: HotBot, MSN, iWon and Looksmart.

Smart Indexing
Our next step is to insure solid indexing in all major search engines and directories. With this goal in mind, your URL(s) is/are submitted every two weeks to a minimum of 200 top search engines for a period of 1 year!

Package Price: $699.00 CDN

Top 10 Positions Package Details

The technology behind natural meta content optimization...
Placing a website at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN involves careful planning, research and accurate delivery. Additionally, strong coding experience and a thorough understanding of search engines algorithms is a must. When done properly, organic optimization (natural content optimization) produces amazing results. Natural SEO produces the highest possible return on investment due to solid targeted keyword returns. Here's how we do it:

Research and analytic.
Determining valid keywords strings is derived from several sources. A throughout review of your website, your input (not mandatory but we strongly encourage it), using 'keyword popularity' software and resources, running competitive analysis (best in practice competitors) and of course the use of our own internal database which stores more than 5400 completed assignments (that's over 1 million keyword strings ranked and recorded).

Building a Sitemap.
A Sitemap is created and installed to give search engine spiders/robots a clean and direct path to your optimized pages. If appropriate we will also link additional existing pages to your new Sitemap (max 20 pages).

Optimizing your pages (max. 16).
Your existing web pages are our primary focus. Preparation includes: Title tags, meta description, meta keywords and necessary HTML code. Title tags and meta tags are imperative to most search engines. Your pages are checked for rich text content and recommendations or corrections are made accordingly. Your index page is hyperlinked to your sitemap which in turn creates a clear path to well defined pages for all search engine spiders and robots to crawl. This results in top traffic producing rankings.

Don't have 16 static pages to optimize? No problem, high ranking well designed static pages are created as needed (max 16) to support your website. These new pages focus on rich text content, optimized meta content and become an integral part of your website.

Please Note: Installation of all new pages to your server is included in our pricing.

Manual Google and Yahoo submission

Submitting to the search engines.
Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, AOL, Netscape, Altavista and Alltheweb are submitted manually through our direct channels and monitored to insure proper and permanent indexing! (UK, European and Asian domains are also submitted manually to satellite databases if applicable).

Beyond the majors, we also hand pick major secondary search engines which produces the other 11% of search engine traffic (Never underestimate the power of secondary search engines, 11% of Internet traffic represents 62 million queries per day). Six pages are enrolled in our 'smart indexing' program. Smart indexing will not only promote your web pages consistently but also safely, by ensuring no engine rules or regulations are broken in the submission process! This combination gives you access to 100% of available search engine traffic.

Page Rank Express.
To further support manual submissions we cross-link your website to one or more of our high ranking web pages. Our pages are spidered daily by all major engines and produce faster and comprehensive indexing results for your site in engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Excite. Cross-linking stays in place until your domain has reached indexing.

Link Popularity Building...
We get your link popularity started by listing your website in two very powerful directories. and

Yahoo Site Feed...
We create a dedicated file covering all accessible pages in your website for accurate indexing. Feeder file is installed on your server (if applicable) and automatically crawled by Yahoo.

Google Sitemap...
We create a dedicated XML file which is installed on your server (if applicable). Direct connection to Google results in better crawl coverage and fresher search results. Specific information about your web pages is provided to Google which greatly improves indexing and ranking.

Google Local.
Powerful geographical Google search service. We hand submit your website to this excellent localized database for targeted traffic.

ROR Strong RSS Feeds...
ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. You can think of ROR feeds as a powerful structured feed for describing all your objects to the search engines: products, services, reviews, discounts, images, events, schedule, podcasts etc... Very effective and welcomed by all major search engines!

Smart Indexing.
Our next step is to insure consistent indexing with major search engines, directories and secondary recognized search engines. With this goal in mind, your URL(s) is/are submitted every two weeks to our selected search engine database for a period of 1 year!

Why 'Smart' indexing? Because our software automatically keeps track of where your website was submitted and how the individual search engine rules and regulations apply. Your website will not be resubmitted to a particular search engine unless the allotted time between submissions has been achieved. This intelligent and conscientious approach to search engine submissions guarantees your website will not spam their system but instead will always fall within their indexing requirements.

All SEO work prepared for your website is yours to keep permanently. You will have complete ownership of all optimized content and all generated static HTML pages (if applicable).

Understanding Your Market...
We have two types of surfers... 'Casual Surfers' and 'Buyers'. The first will travel the Net looking for entertainment value and more or less go (surf) with the flow. The second has a specific goal in mind... To make a purchase online. The difference in surfing is drastic! Casual surfers tend to use single generic keywords to entertain themselves while 'Buyers' will use very specific keyword strings to avoid thousands of useless returns.

For example, you are planning a trip to Sedona, Ariz. and are looking for a good reasonably priced motel. What keyword strings will you use to get related search engine results - motels?... hotels? motels? hotels?. No...Statistically if you are ready to purchase/reserve online (Buyer) you will be using keyword strings like: "motels sedona arizona" or "motels sedona". Yet most site owners are buying "motels", "hotels", "cheap motels" etc on Overture, AdWords or other ppc engines at a very high cost. Do you need a ppc campaign to reach top 10 position in Google or comparable major search engine for a targeted string like "motels sedona"?... Not at all, actually it's a huge waste of money!

Optimized pages!...
Our primary focus is on the existing pages of your website. Up to 16 pages are optimized for search engine indexing and top 10 position ranking. This includes in depth site analysis, 'keyword popularity research', 'competitive analysis' and client input. Based on this information, each page is optimized with dedicated title tags, meta description tags, meta keywords and embedded comment definition. Your main index plus 5 optimized pages are promoted to our full database on completion and placed in our 'Smart Indexing' program. Additionally, your domain is promoted through our 'Page Rank Express', 'Google Local', 'Google Sitemap' and 'Yahoo Site Feed' for fast and accurate indexing.

Don't have 16 static pages to optimize? Because all websites are not designed the same way, ensuring appropriate search engine exposure often requires development of additional pages. Some websites are small. Others, such as e-commerce shopping cart sites, focus heavily on easy product management. As such, most, or all pages and content are derived dynamically, leaving little to no chance of being found in the search engines. In either case, implementing additional optimized static HTML pages is a critical aspect of properly conveying what a business is about to the search engines.

If needed, we create high quality static HTML pages (16 max), rich in text content, extremely well optimized, very fast loading for easy spidering and W3C compatible. These pages are prepared to surface your products/service's strong selling points as well as the viewing pleasure of your visitors. Your new pages are also fully integrated with your new 'sitemap'.

A little bit of mathematics....
Search engines primarily look for 'strong' keywords to rank your website. Strong keywords are usually embedded within your title tags (this is the first place a search engine robot will look for ranking keywords). The problem is; title tags are only allowed approx. 65- 90 characters of content, or about 10-14 words per page...

On average, our program is designed to create 3 sets of 3 keywords per optimized pages. Each set of keywords combination is interchangeable when it comes to search engine "search" results, this potentially translates into 243 search combinations per optimized page. Since we produce a total of 16 different pages we are essentially creating 3888 'strong' keyword combinations for your website.

Additionally, 'strong' keywords are supported by 25 - 40 meta description keywords, 125 - 150 meta keywords and important 'rich text content' per optimized pages.

Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemap - Direct link to Google...
We help Google discover more of your web pages faster and accurately. Google Sitemaps is a very effective way for you to improve your coverage in the Google index. It is a regulated crawling system that enables us to communicate directly with Google which keeps Googlebot informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.

Spidering process of a web page is threefold...
On initial submission, your site is placed in a holding tank. Second, the engine's robot crawls and indexes the submitted optimized page(s) and in some cases will do a low level spidering (spidering is the act of following hyperlinks from your main index to secondary pages by a robot and indexing according to optimized content). Third, search engines perform a deep level spidering of all pages hyperlinked to your main index page

Some search engines are scoring web pages higher if they are spidered as opposed to being submitted. With this in mind, some of your optimized pages are placed on your server without submission! This allows the natural spidering process to take place and is supported by your 'Sitemap". Yes, above and beyond your Google Sitemap we actually build a secondary 'Sitemap' which allows robots and spiders to find their way to all optimized pages.

This method of submission serves another important role in our assignment... Spam free promotion! By giving spiders a choice, you are guaranteed never to spam a search engine. Friendly and conscientious promotion results in long term indexing and ranking.

The above, combined with our 'Page Rank Express', 'Google Sitemap','Google Local','ROR Strong RSS Feeds' and 'Yahoo Site Feed' is simply untouchable in terms of results and return on investment!

Package Price: $1999.00 CDN

Still have questions? Contact us for more information.

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