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E-mail Address BookLaunching a new product? Having a sale? Announce it to the world quickly and easily. Perform Marketing can prepare stylish and effective email campaigns that get your audience excited.

Perform Marketing email marketing services are designed to make the task of emailing hundreds if not thousands of people easier and more affordable than traditional methods.

We take your contact list and create a database for use with your campaigns. We can organize one email list or numerous segmented email lists based on your target groups.

Next we custom design your email campaign. Whether it is an announcement you want to broadcast, a new product launch, specials and sales or a monthly newsletter, we design the right look for your message. Designed using HTML, we combine graphics, images, text and hyperlinks to showcase your content. Our templates are branded to your corporate identity to offer a consistent brand image.

Sample Email CampaignsPersonalize your campaigns by including the first name of your contact. Then when users receive your email, they see a tag line like; "Hello Bob, did you know...". This further increases the readability of your message.

To ensure we reach everyone, we also create a text version of your campaign to broadcast to people who may not accept HTML or may be using a text email service such as PDA's or cell phones. When sending your campaign, our system tests each email address to determine which format is accepted. Your clients and prospects receive only the format that is optimized by their account.

E-mail RolodexScared you may be spamming users? No need to worry. Perform Marketing has strict conformance to the Canadian Privacy Policy. With every email that is sent from your campaign, we include an unsubscribe function. Should the user wish to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, they simply click the link at the bottom of the email and are immediately marked as unsubscribed.

To evaluate your campaign, we offer a complete report. The report helps to define how the campaign was received and feedback which measures the campaign success. Report features include:

  • contacts who opened your email
  • contacts who clicked any link
  • number of click per link
  • soft bounced emails (account cannot receive mail)
  • hard bounced emails (account no longer exists)
  • contacts that forwarded the email
  • contacts that unsubscribed
  • contacts that replied to your email

Tips for creating great email marketing campaigns.

Content is King!

With the amount of email that each user receives on a daily basis rising, users no longer have the time to review each e-mail and all of the content. When they do open your email, make sure that the content is relative, insightful and provides a purpose.

Create Relevant Subject Lines

Most people go through their inbox at least once a day to irrelevant email. There's just too much email and too little time. That's why it's critical for your email to have a subject line that makes people want to open it. They are looking for an excuse to delete your newsletter — don't give it to them!

Use HTML with Text Backup

While text only emails were common practice a few years ago, times have changed, and most people prefer to receive their email newsletters in HTML format.

With the growing number of PDA's cell phones with email capabilities and the handful of recipients that cannot read email in HTML format, a text backup version guarantees that all users can read your campaign.

Length and Frequency of your email message

The more frequent your newsletter, the shorter it should be. People will happily open a short "Joke of the Day" or their daily horoscope; but almost no one wants to get something longer than that every single day! So, keep dailies short and use week weeklies to elaborate. Biweeklies (every two weeks) and monthlies can be longer — only if you have truly fascinating information to share. Never go longer just for the sake of length.

Make it Easy on the Eyes

With the use of HTML email templates, the ability to create a colourful and stylish design is available. Bring some excitement to your content with the use of banners, photo's, and other graphic elements to complement your message.

If they can't read it, they won't. As great looking design won't benefit your campaign unless your users can read the text. Pick the right text size so that all users can read your message. Many designers use smaller fonts as they appeal to their design scheme, however this content is being viewed on screens of all sizes and users of all ages. Clear easy to read text guarantees your message will be read.

For long email newsletters, provide a table of contents at the top: On-screen readers don't want to work hard to find pieces of information that are valuable to them inside your newsletter.

In fact usability studies show that most people won't look beyond the first screen of information if there's not something immediately interesting to them. Give them a reason to scroll down!

Tone and Attitude

Every brand has its’ own tone and manner, which is adapted to various contexts – formal for official documents with legal implications, more casual and direct for promotional materials. While print newsletters tend to be somewhat formal, email newsletters are a different beast. The best email marketers in the world, no matter what industry they are in - from fun consumer sites to serious business-to-business portals – say the same thing: make your newsletter's tone personal and casual. People crave a little humanity behind the corporate mask. They respond much better to newsletters that are written by one particular individual at a company who they can get to know over time.

Know your Audience

Your e-mail marketing strategy is only as good as your contact list. If your audience does not know you, they are not likely to open your e-mail. Building your list using currently clients or through a website opt-in form is the best way to ensure that your contacts know you and are expecting communication from you.

Using purchased e-mail contact lists or harvesting your own list can be a form of spam. Perform Marketing does not permit the use of harvested or purchased lists and recommends an organic method of creating a relational contact list that is sustainable for the long-term.

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