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Data Driven Websites and Dynamic Solutions

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Perform Marketing can provide fully integrated web/database solutions for a completely dynamic experience.

Microsoft .NET LogoUsing ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, XML and other languages, we can develop data driven websites that change with your business. Start off small, but have the capacity to grow.

Powerful database systems using MS SQL Server or MySQL can be created to meet the demands of full e-commerce sites, online product catalogs, portals or sites with a large amount of information. Data-Driven websites are scalable and fully customized for your business application. Start with an online form that stores your information requests or create a "news" page, which can showcase your articles by date, article title or topic. Start with one page and build as you need to.

Data driven websites or sites that call up content from a database work efficiently to showcase content quickly and easily. Perform Marketing works to optimize the site development by creating the data architecture, which is scalable. Logic, experience and understanding your business help us to better prepare your site for future growth. A little extra work at the beginning provides unlimited possibilities down the road.

Storing your information in a central location allows for easier maintenance and management of the content. By using Perform Marketing's web bases Afterlight Content Management System, Updates, additions and deletions are as easy as a click of the mouse. No need to wait for a web developer to update the site with new content, your Marketing, HR, Sale or any other department can manage your site content with ease 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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